There is a quick fix to crime – jail

CONTRARY to the editorial (The Border Mail, December 5), I disagree that there isn’t an answer to stop the increasing violence from many of our young criminals, both in Albury and Wodonga, but also in smaller district towns.

While our police do a magnificent job with their limited numbers and hours of service, it is judges, magistrates and politicians who deserve our criticism.

Irrespective of their age, all criminals who are caught and arrested following a crime — be it wrecking a car, a break-in of any premises, theft and even graffiti — should automatically be sent to jail after they are named and shamed.

If the offenders are under the age of 16 their parents also should be named and shamed.

There should not need to be a court case — the automatic sentence for these idiots should be a minimum of 12 months’ jail with no early release, and a fine of no less than 50 per cent of the damage incurred.

Should the judge and or magistrate impose a smaller sentence than suggested above, then maybe he/she should incur the balance of the sentence.

You say there is no quick fix. I say there is.

I say to our judges, magistrates and particularly our politicians to get off their backsides and get our antiquated and idiotic laws changed and a quick fix can be achieved.

Our police will thank us forever.