Resident pounces on fire from candle

A WEST Albury resident used an extinguisher to put out a fire caused by a candle.

As a result of it being left burning, the candle fell to one side and set fire to some clothes in a bedroom of the Benn Crescent house at 11.40pm on Saturday.

“The occupant of the house has used a commercial powder extinguisher on the flames,” an Albury central fire brigade spokesman said.

He said the man was able to put out the fire.

A brigade unit arrived within a few minutes and mopped up the remains of the fire, which continued to smoulder after the flames were put out.

The spokesman said it was fortunate the owner saw the fire before going to bed because the consequences could have otherwise been extremely serious.

In another incident, the brigade was called to a grass fire at North Albury on Saturday evening.

The fire, in a drain behind Jelbart Park, was put out within minutes.

The spokesman said it was not known what caused the fire, which started about 6.30pm.