Bikies ‘racist drug dealers’

NAZI flags and T-shirts were allegedly found in the clubhouse and homes of motorcycle gang members in Deniliquin yesterday, as police declared the group’s true identity as racists and drug dealers had been exposed.

Since they established themselves in the town last year, Inspector Darren Cloake said the Outlaws had been masquerading as “nothing more than a bunch of bike enthusiasts” by organising toy runs and donating money to charity.

But he claimed behind the closed doors of their clubrooms, members were taking amphetamine and steroids and were contributing to a noted boom in the trade of ice in the region.

He called on the community to turn their backs on the bikies.

“They still reside here, they’re still employed here,” Insp Cloake said.

“What I suggest is those who do employ them and allow them to lease premises to closely consider what these people stand for.”

Police yesterday arrested the 42-year-old alleged president and 36-year-old alleged sergeant-at-arms of the Outlaws, as well as a 34-year-old woman, after executing three search warrants in Deniliquin during a 6am raid.

They will allege that the two men and a woman were running an unlicensed premises in Napier Street and serving alcohol to patrons without a licence.

And it is expected further arrests will be made, with the trio given strict bail conditions to appear again at the Deniliquin Local Court in January.

Insp Cloake said there was no guarantee the latest arrests would spell the end for the club whose members, he said described themselves as the “1 per cent” that operate outside the law.

“We raised the fact the (Outlaws Motorcycle Gang) members had established themselves in the Deniliquin area in 2011, we warned people and we called upon the township to be cautious,” he said.

“Since then we’ve been supported by accurate information and community involvement.

“The community have indicated they’ve had enough.”