Knife hidden: accused stabber called 000

A NORTH Albury man was able to reach for a hidden knife when he was confronted by three men at his home on Monday, an Albury court was told yesterday.

Nicholas Slatter made the frank admission to police, saying he did not retreat from the trio because he kept the knife next to his letter box which was stored for “times like this”.

When the men confronted Slatter, he wrestled with one of them before grabbing for the knife and stabbing his antagonist four times.

When the two other men came to the victim’s aid, Slatter retreated inside his unit and called triple-0 for help.

An ambulance and police arrived with both the victim and Slatter taken to hospital for treatment.

Slatter, who received two stitches to a wound on his upper left arm, was later interviewed by police.

He said he had acted in self-defence and his actions were justified.

Solicitor Tim Hemsley said during a bail application in Albury Local Court, that if Slatter’s matter went to trial it could “go either way”.

Slatter, 18, of Plover Street, has been charged with an indictable matter of wounding a person with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and was refused bail.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood said she regarded Slatter as an unacceptable risk.

Police prosecutor Sgt Shannon Lewis opposed bail for the protection and welfare of the community and concerns he could commit further offences.

Ms Greenwood was told Slatter suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

He had argued with his partner on Monday morning.

He allegedly pushed her down some stairs and she contacted a former boyfriend for assistance to leave the scene.

She told her former partner what had happened and he went back to the unit with two others while the woman waited at a nearby corner.

They were unable to rouse Slatter and left, but almost immediately he sent a text message to his partner.

The three men returned and were confronted on the nature strip by Slatter, who had a knife.

Mr Hemsley said during his bail application that Slatter was accosted by three others at his own home and made an emergency call afterwards.

“He has just turned 18 year of age. He has mental health issues,” Mr Hemsley said.

Ms Greenwood ordered the preparation of a police evidence brief by January 21 with the case returning to court on February 4.

The scene of the stabbing in North Albury.

The scene of the stabbing in North Albury.