Questions over emergency ward

I READ with interest Dr Stuart Spring’s comments (The Border Mail, December 15) concerning the clearance of emergency patients at Albury Base Hospital.

I would like to ask the following questions:

- Are all patients cleared from emergency receiving treatment that assures they don’t return within a short time?

My experience has been that a patient recommended to be admitted to hospital by their GP is admitted to emergency, then sent home because no beds are available.

Even with private health cover, there is no guarantee you will be treated in Albury and this patient had to wait seven days before an operation could be performed at the Wangaratta Private Hospital.

- How can the budget cuts for the hospital be justified with the growing population in Albury?

In my opinion, the cross-border health scheme is nothing but a disaster.

If there was a major accident in the region, our base hospital could not cope.

I have nothing but the greatest admiration for the staff at the Albury Base Hospital who always perform their duties under great difficulties.

- When will the closed ward that has never been in operation be opened to relieve this crazy situation?

Bring on a change of federal government, maybe things will change for the better.