How do we hide the front page?

AFTER reading Julie Coe’s article (The Border Mail, December 15) justifying the picture of the truck rollover in Wodonga recently, I am absolutely livid at the blindness and lack of respect for parents, educators and others responsible for children in our community.

Ms Coe suggests that we are responsible for censoring what our children see and, yes, in most cases parents would agree, but when an image is plastered on the front page of the local paper, it becomes difficult to effectively do so.

These papers are in most supermarkets, newsagents and other places considered child friendly.

So how do you suggest we “censor” our children from images such as these when they are displayed in easily visible locations in public places?

If we have not heard what is on the front page of the paper why would we ask our children to stand back while we buy the paper?

Perhaps her suggestion to “censor” our children means we should reconsider buying the paper at all.

I agree that it is your job to report the local news, but a little discretion goes a long way.