Wodonga's new red light junction

HISTORIC rail lights will be turned back on and illuminate central Wodonga in the lead-up to Christmas.

The lighting is being installed on the two existing rail gantries at Junction Place.

Contractors are repositioning and installing low-energy LED lighting on the rail gantry closest to High Street.

Spotlights are also being installed on the gantry to light up the historic goods shed which is being resurrected as part of the multi million-dollar redevelopment.

Places Victoria’s regional general manager Nick Foa said lighting up the rail gantries was the first step towards the night-time activation of Junction Place.

“People driving, cycling or walking past the site at night will see the historic rail gantry and the goods shed lit up,” he said.

“The illuminated gantry and goods shed will very much add a new dimension to the Wodonga CBD night-time landscape and start to provide a sense of place for the future development precinct.

“The feature lighting will be operating by Christmas and is a permanent public lighting fixture for Junction Place.

“Not just something temporary for the festive period.”

Repositioning of the first rail gantry within the future urban square near High Street was completed yesterday with the second to be done at a later date.

The first set of lighting will be installed by Friday.

Mr Foa said the lighting within the pre-existing signal light fittings were programmed to change colour.

“The reuse of the original rail gantries will ensure we retain the strong rail history and character of Junction Place,” he said.

“We’ve always recognised the importance of the site’s wonderful rail heritage and we don’t want to lose that from Wodonga.

“Some of the other rail infrastructure, including large granite edge stones recovered from the demolished section of the rail platform, will be reused in the future promenade.

“The goods shed and station building are also real heritage assets.”

The outdoor cinema will return to Junction Place in February.

An artist's impression of how the lights might look.

An artist's impression of how the lights might look.