Magistrate's farewell: 'Albury won't miss you'

AN Albury family with plans to move to Queensland would not be missed, a magistrate said yesterday.

Tony Murray said the move by Karen Lee Hudson and her extended family could be the best thing for her — and the community.

The likely move by Hudson, her partner of 30 years and eight children was mentioned in Albury Local Court yesterday during submissions on her behalf.

Hudson and one of her sons, Nathan Furner, appeared for sentencing before magistrate Mr Murray over an assault at a Lavington property where they had trespassed this year.

Mr Murray acknowledged that family members had made repeated court appearances over the years.

“The family will not be missed in Albury,” he said at one stage during proceedings.

When sentencing Furner to a jail term, Mr Murray said he had a 39-page criminal history in both the juvenile and adult jurisdictions.

In the middle of last year, Nathan was in Junee jail at the same time as brothers Danial, 25, and Matthew, 20, who is still serving a sentence.

The latest conflict with the law came in August when Hudson and family members went to a dam on a property in Shaw Street.

Her youngest son, 9, was using an electric toy boat on the dam.

Warning signs about trespassers being prosecuted were ignored and the couple who owned the land had asked them to leave.

Hudson argued with the woman owner, yelled abusive remarks, grabbed her shirt and ripped it.

Furner was verbally aggressive to the male owner and punched him to the right eye, causing him to stumble backwards in immediate pain.

When police arrived, the victim was upset, distressed and had an ice pack on his right cheek.

Hudson, 48, of Goolagar Crescent, Springdale Heights, appeared for sentencing on an assault charge.

Furner, of Union Road, was sentenced on charges of assault and entering inclosed lands.

Solicitor Andrea MacDonald advised about the planned move to Queensland saying Hudson was prepared to give evidence about buying a house.

“The whole family is hoping that this will be a fresh start for them,” Ms MacDonald said.

Mr Murray said Hudson has a bad criminal record, put her on a two-year bond and imposed a $600 fine.

“The relocation may be the best thing for you and the community in general,” Mr Murray said.

Ms MacDonald said Furner was trying to retrieve his brother’s boat.

Mr Murray said Furner has been in trouble with the law for the past 10 years.

He was on a suspended sentence in Victoria when the assault happened.