Appeal holds up family’s move north

AN Albury family’s move to Queensland has been delayed by more court proceedings with an appeal pending against a jail term for one of them, a court heard yesterday.

Nathan Furner, 22, has lodged a severity appeal over a four-month jail sentence for assault, imposed by magistrate Tony Murray in Albury Local Court on Wednesday.

He was jailed for an assault on a property owner when he and his mother, Karen Lee Hudson, were trespassing in Lavington in August.

Hudson was put on a two-year bond and fined $600 for an assault on the female property owner.

Solicitor Andrea MacDonald said during submissions that Hudson, her de facto partner of 30 years and eight children planned to move to Queensland.

“The family will not be missed in Albury,” Mr Murray said at one stage.

He said family members had, over many years, made repeated appearances in court.

Police prosecutor Sgt Gary Rowe expressed concern about appeal bail being granted with the family moving interstate.

But solicitor Jason Hanke said the move has been delayed until Furner’s fate is decided.

His appeal is likely to be heard in the District Court in Albury in February. If Furner remained in custody until those sittings, he would have completed almost half the jail term.

Furner is on $2000 bail, with a $2000 surety and $1000 cash deposit from his father.

He has to report each Monday, Wednesday and Friday to Albury police.