I was bullied, says stomping teen

A LAVINGTON teenager who stomped on another youth — with encouragement from his parents — will have to show he had been bullied if he wants to stay out of jail.

The youth, 15, is claiming derogatory remarks were made about him and his girlfriend on Facebook.

A meeting was arranged near the Albury skate park on July 26 where the youth savagely attacked his antagonist while a large group of people watched and someone filmed it.

Footage was posted on YouTube the same day and police were able to identify the youth and his parents.

The youth pleaded guilty in Albury Children’s Court yesterday to an affray charge and his father, 37, and mother, 36, pleaded guilty to inciting a crime after an affray charge was withdrawn.

Sentencing was adjourned until next year.

Magistrate Tony Murray was told that the victim had received four kicks to the head and body and two stomps to the head.

But witnesses say there were many more stomps to the head.

“At the time the other person is on the ground, it becomes a very serious matter,” Mr Murray said.

He said without evidence of bullying, the youth was going to jail.

The youth has also pleaded guilty to charges of theft and breaking and entering in company at a Lavington school.

Property was stolen from former Brownlow medallist Jason Akermanis when he made a guest appearance with the Murray Magpies in a Hume league match in May.

Mr Murray was told about 20 people accompanied the parents and their son to the skate park.

The video on YouTube shows the mother encouraging her son to “stomp him to the ground”.

His father intimidates friends of the victim.

The footage shows the parents walking around the two boys to prevent others assisting, except when they allow two other youths to help their son get the advantage.

They offered encouragement to their son after he took control.

The youth’s mother was at court yesterday, but their solicitor Dave Barron said the father had taken ill after attending court and had gone to the Albury Base Hospital.

Evidence of bullying has to be provided to the police by February 6.