MP backs tough line on bikies

DENILIQUIN’S state MP has backed the tough approach taken by police on the town’s bikie gang.

Insp Darren Cloake recently called on those employing and leasing homes to gang members to “strongly consider what these people stand for”.

Member for Murray-Darling John Williams said his attitude was consistent on any group in the community involved in criminal activity — “we don’t want them”.

“Darren’s obviously highlighting the ways that we can stop the growth of these organisations,” he said.

Just over a week ago, police revealed they had found Nazi flags and T-shirts during raids at the gang’s club house in Napier Street and homes of gang members.

The alleged president and sergeant-in-arms of the group were arrested for running an unlicensed premises.

When asked what he thought about discovery of the Nazi items, Mr Williams said he didn’t believe there was any room in society for “that sort of activity” to germinate.

“Targeting individuals because of their race is not on,” Mr Williams said.

Deniliquin Local Area Commander, Supt Craig Jackson, has confirmed inquiries were continuing into people connected to the gang, a group he said was synonymous with drugs, firearms, violence and other illegal activities.

Supt Jackson said police had received a lot of positive feedback from the community since the arrests this month.

Meanwhile, Deniliquin mayor Lindsay Renwick was careful not to single out any particular group when asked his view on the bikies.

Happy to leave the tough-talking to police, he said he was “so proud” of the local area command for nipping the issue in the bud before it got out of hand.

“Any particular group of people that cause issues should be monitored,” the mayor said

Two men and a woman, alleged members of the gang, will appear in Deniliquin Local Court next month.