Banned from one pub, banned from all

MISBEHAVE in one pub and you could be banned from them all after a new multi-venue barring order was introduced to try to stop violence.

The NSW government announced yesterday it aims to stop violence and anti-social behaviour by allowing pubs and clubs in Albury to share the names of troublemakers and ban them from entering all licensed venues.

Albury Liquor Accord chairman Daryl Betteridge said it was news the accord had been waiting for after pushing for the initiative for the past two years.

“The Albury Liquor Accord has been a supporter of the NSW government’s Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing giving us the power to implement a group banning policy,” Mr Betteridge said.

“It’s fantastic news.”

He said it was too early to say which clubs and pubs would be involved in Albury and how they would share information.

It would be discussed at the accord meeting next month.

“With the legislative support we can now come up with a plan and implement something that works for us,” Mr Betteridge said.

SS & A Club chief executive Tim Levesque said club and pub owners welcomed the move.

“Ninety per cent of people are fantastic,” Mr Levesque said.

“There are just a few who are general nuisances continually.

“The order gets rid of them or makes them more responsible when they go out.”

Clubs NSW chief executive Anthony Ball said the big winners were the majority of party-goers who don’t cause trouble.

“These people shouldn’t have to put up with the small number of people who cause problems for everyone else,” he said.

“The ability to bar known troublemakers from their local licensed venues means we can target the small percentage of people who cause trouble, while making sure everyone else enjoys themselves.”

Mr Ball said the registered club industry had called for changes to allow clubs and pubs to share information for years.

“It has been incredibly frustrating for club managers to find out a person who has caused trouble at their club has already been banned from a nearby club.

“Clubs now pre-emptively ban anyone who has caused problems at the other pubs and clubs, instead of having to wait for the problem to happen at their venue.

“Once you’re banned from one club in an area, you are likely to be banned from them all.”