Wild night sees 15 fined over pub brawls

FIFTEEN people were fined by police after brawls broke out at a pub in Wagga on the weekend in behaviour police said was “absolutely disgraceful”.

Officers were called out to Romano’s Hotel in Fitzmaurice Street at 12.15am on Saturday in response to several brawls.

They stayed at the hotel until 2am dealing with a number of drunk patrons.

Detective Insp Rod Smith said police broke up several fights.

“They removed a number of patrons from the hotel, being assaulted in the process,” he said.

“Police were forced to use capsicum spray to contain the situation and a number of patrons who were brawling with police.”

Fifteen people were fined, with penalties totalling nearly $6000.

Insp Smith said the conduct of people in the hotel was “absolutely disgraceful”.

“Police and security should not have to deal with so many drunken and obnoxious people,” he said.

“The people involved ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

A man, 21, was arrested and charged with failing to comply with a police direction and resisting arrest.

Another man, 48, was arrested and charged with assaulting police, resisting arrest and offensive behaviour.

Five people were issued with infringement notices for staying around after being evicted.

Four people were issued with infringement notices for failing to leave when directed and four were given infringement notices related to fighting.

Insp Smith said police would continue to investigate the incident and would be exploring the level of intoxication of patrons and “other issues” with the hotel management.