Priest nabbed speeding on way to church

A priest has been caught speeding 15km/h over the speed limit in northern Victoria early yesterday as he rushed to a Christmas Day church service.

Wangaratta police Sgt Michael Connors said the priest was detected at 7.15am on the Murray Valley Highway between Rutherglen and Wodonga travelling at 115km/h.

He told police he was running late for a Christmas Day service but that wasn’t enough to get him off – he was given an infringement notice.

It’s not the first time Sgt Connors has booked a priest.

Three years ago he caught a priest drink-driving and speeding on the Beechworth-Wodonga Road as he drove between Ash Wednesday services.

He said the priest had returned a bloodalcohol limit almost three times the limit.

Sgt Connors said it didn’t matter who you were or what time of year it was, the police force’s priority remains the same.

“We’re out there to make the road safe,” Sgt Connors said.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas Day or any day — people still get killed.”