Albury Anna outer her comfort zone

BOXING Day cricket Tests are special, regardless of the circumstances.

And when your boyfriend is spearheading the Australian bowling attack, the excitement goes up a few notches.

Just ask Anna Weatherlake.

The Albury-raised partner of Australian fast bowler Peter Siddle yesterday had her first taste of Boxing Day as a WAG.

While more than 60,000 plebs enjoyed the cricket, mostly from the arena’s vast stands, Ms Weatherlake sat with Kyly, the wife of Australian skipper Michael Clarke in a private box.

“I’ve been to the cricket on Boxing Day before but not as Sids’ partner,” Ms Weatherlake, 23, said.

“I probably shouldn’t say this but it’s a lot more fun in general admission — you get a much better atmosphere down there.

“Corporate boxes are good for the privacy but it’s just not as exciting.

“You look down and wish you were among the crowd — it’s just such a good vibe.”

Ms Weatherlake and Siddle enjoyed lunch and “Secret Santa” with the Australian team at Crown on Christmas Day before returning to their Melbourne home. There they celebrated with family and their pet chooks and rabbits.

Siddle yesterday let the chooks out of their pen (a pre-game ritual) and left for the MCG at 8am, allowing Ms Weatherlake a few extra hours of sleep.

He took two wickets in Australia’s ruthless domination of Sri Lanka’s batsmen.

A brief lapse in concentration meant Ms Weatherlake missed the first one but, luckily, she was on the ball for the next.

Having seen the sacrifices her boyfriend makes for his cricket, including his controversial decision to follow her lead to become a vegetarian, Ms Weatherlake views his success as just reward.

“A lot of people ask me if I’m the reason he went vegetarian,” she said.

“Sids looks like he would rip the head of a cow, but when we started seeing each other he just sat and watched and observed what I ate.

“One day he just came out and said ‘I want to go vegetarian’.

“He says he’ll never go back because of the way his body feels.”

Ms Weatherlake will balance work at a radio station with WAG duties during the Test.

Albury-raised Anna Weatherlake with Australian bowling spearhead Peter Siddle on Christmas day.

Albury-raised Anna Weatherlake with Australian bowling spearhead Peter Siddle on Christmas day.