‘Help! I’m stuck up a gum tree’

A PARAGLIDER became suspended in a tree 10 metres above the ground after flying into a ridge near Bright yesterday afternoon.

The 45-year-old from Sydney later fell from the gum tree in which he became caught.

Leading Sen-Constable Scott Baldock, of Bright, said the man took off from Mystic Hill, two kilometres south of Bright, at about 1pm.

He was intending to fly from the Wandiligong area to the Ovens Valley but lost altitude, crashing into the top of a tree on the ridge.

The man was in radio contact with a friend and asked him to call police and inform them he was stuck.

About 20 minutes later he called again to say he’d fallen out.

Sen-Constable Baldock said when police and ambulance officers got there an hour later they were surprised to find the man had survived the 10-metre drop with seemingly only cuts and bruises.

The man was put on a stretcher and pulled up the steep ridge using ropes before being taken to Wangaratta hospital.