Road deaths send message

A TRAGIC accident near Holbrook that has claimed two lives is in the all-too-familiar pattern of death on the roads at Christmas.

From Friday to last night, 19 people had been killed on Australian roads.

Many more, including several in the Holbrook accident, have been severely injured, perhaps with lifelong consequences.

This is despite a national road safety blitz and efforts by police in all states and territories urging motorists to take the utmost care, not to drink and to avoid fatigue.

Each fatal accident is different in nature and cause and some might not be fully explained until a coroner’s inquest.

But it is clear that too many motorists travelling our highways are exceeding the speed limits or not taking enough rest — or both.

Also, it is a fact that a high proportion of fatal accidents happen on country roads where traffic might be light but where the risks are higher.

Up to last night, about 367 people had been killed on NSW roads this year and 276 in Victoria.

Each and every motorist on the road this holiday period should take careful note of these stark statistics, lest they want to add to them.