Shop smart or pay the price

ON the same day one classifieds website estimated there were 14.3 million unwanted presents received around the country on Christmas Day, tens of thousands of people have hit the shops for the annual Boxing Day sales.

Among them are hundreds of people who embarked on a spending blitz at Border department stores and retailers.

Given the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots in our western societies, the waste of unwanted material possessions appears almost obscene.

However, at the same time, retailers would argue the expenditure, both before and after Christmas, drives income and jobs within their sector.

Among the Border shoppers were many visitors to the region, who were taking advantage of the fact Albury-Wodonga’s holiday centre status meant retailers could open.

Retailers in other NSW regional centres aren’t so fortunate; they won’t re-open their stores after the Christmas break until today.

Shoppers should be armed with some commonsense as well as the retail catalogues, ensuring they don’t end up with a nasty credit card bill early in the new year.