Christmas offers hope to us all

NOW that Christmas day has passed what has it meant?

Once a pagan festival then changed to a Christian day, now it would seem it is a pagan festival again for many.

Yet that is why it is so important.

Most things today have to be defended and everybody has an opinion, no matter how ill-informed.

Christmas is important because it singles out the reason for free will; it has gone astray.

There is much suffering in this world caused by good and bad people.

Much anger, hatred, revenge but for the ordinary person it is often a loss of meaning.

Christmas offers hope and a way out of this mess but it requires a realisation that we cannot have complete control of our lives, there is something greater.

Jesus Christ is greater but he became a poor human and taught the only way to really live. But he did more than that, he died for all the sin of the world.

Many people in the world reject this belief because of the failures of some in the churches, a small minority, who have succumbed to the sin within them. Because there is one rotten apple, doesn’t mean the rest are the same.

Belief in the saving power of Jesus is not an opinion; those who have discovered it realise that it is a relationship of love, and a struggle because we are not free of our free will.

Only the grace of Jesus Christ can assist us in taming our free will and following the only way to complete happiness.