New Year's Eve hangover help is on hand

Source: Daily Liberal

Revellers around the nation are predicted to wake up to 2013 with a sore head.

Two Dubbo nutritionists have given an inside view into how to avoid a hangover following new year celebrations.

Macquarie Natural Health nutritionist Liza Twohill explained a hangover was mainly "dehydration and too much alcohol for the liver".

Nutritionist Jennifer Price said the best way to avoid a hangover was to not drink too much alcohol in the first place.

"This might sound very simple, but having that one or two too many can literally sneak up on you, so monitor how many drinks you've had, and try to have a glass of water or two between each alcoholic drink," she said.

Ms Price advised people not to drink on an empty stomach during new year celebrations.

"A meal before going out will slow down the absorption of the alcohol and buffer its toxic effects," she said.

"Avoid salty snacks though, they might make you thirsty and encourage you to drink more."

Both nutritionists agreed taking a multi-vitamin helped ward off a hangover.

"Before going out take a good quality multi-vitamin, especially one containing a good whack of all the B vitamins as well as minerals such as magnesium and zinc that get chewed up rapidly in the metabolism of alcohol," Ms Price said.

"Depletion of these nutrients adds to the feelings of seediness."

Herb supplements can also assist the body to deal with alcohol.

"Milk Thistle, aka St Mary's Thistle and dandelion root are two of the best, and you can often buy them in combination to take a few days leading up to the event, and for a few days afterwards to help recovery," Ms Price said.

Ms Twohill advised people that were going to drink heavily at a new year party to try and ward off a hangover by taking precautions before going to bed.

"If you have had a big session that night you need to take a whole heap of water," she said.

The day after a big celebration Ms Twohill said people should try and eat if they can if they have a hangover.

"If you eat fat and protein it helps the excretion of alcohol. If you have nothing in your belly it would make it worse," she said.

Ms Price urged those tempted by greasy takeaway to take a healthier approach as toxins from processed foods can further deplete the nutrients in the body.

"So I'd suggest lots and lots of water, cups of tea, and several small, light and nutritious meals even if its just baked beans on toast, a small salad wrap or even some scrambled eggs or an omelette," she said.

Not mixing drinks, avoiding cigarettes and getting plenty of sleep also help in the recovery from a hangover.