No licence and a false identity

A LAVINGTON man banned from driving for nine years was frank with police when he admitted that he didn’t have a licence.

But Albury Local Court heard yesterday that Rodney Walter Emerson then attempted to mislead officers by giving them a Queensland health card belonging to another man.

Emerson had been stopped about 4am on Sunday by police in North Street in Albury driving a car with Queensland registration.

When asked for his date of birth, Emerson said it was August 11, 1976.

Checks by police were unable to find any records.

A photograph on the health card did not match Emerson and another man’s name provided by him had a different date of birth.

Police arrested Emerson on suspicion of him giving a false identity.

It was then that Emerson revealed his true identity. It showed there was an outstanding warrant for him for disqualified driving.

A police data check showed Emerson, 36, was banned from driving on July 6, 2004, until next July.

Acting police prosecutor Sgt Lee McCarthy did not oppose bail in Albury Local Court, but sought strict conditions be imposed on Emerson.

Solicitor Andrea MacDonald said Emerson, the father of six children aged from 17 to nine, has strong ties to the area.

His children lived in Wodonga with their mother.

Ms MacDonald said Emerson had been in Queensland working when he was convicted in his absence and a warrant for him was issued.

“It was his intention to hand himself in,” she said.

Ms MacDonald said Emerson had agreed to refrain from being in any vehicle unless accompanied by a licensed driver.

“In normal circumstances, I would not grant you bail,” registrar Wendy Howard told Emerson.

Ms Howard released him on $2000 bail with a $500 surety and Emerson must attend court on January 15. He also has to report daily.