Shredded at Hollywoods: Teen vandal injured

3PM: AN 18-year-old who kicked the front window of Hollywood’s Pizza in Benalla fell through the broken glass and “cut himself to shreds”, police said.

Benalla police Crime Investigation Unit Sgt Shannon Murphy said the 18-year-old male deliberately smashed the window in Bridge Street at 3.30am this morning.

“He then fell inside, cutting himself severely on the broken glass,” Sgt Murphy said.

His screams of pain were heard by a cleaner at a business nearby and he called an ambulance.

Sgt Murphy said the teenager was taken to Benalla hospital with severe but not life-threatening injuries to his legs.

“He’s cut himself to shreds,” he said.

Sgt Murphy said he would be interviewed in relation to criminal damage when he was released from hospital.