A time to be on the alert

NEW Year’s Day brought an ominous warning for residents living on Albury’s bushland fringe.

A fast-moving bushfire threatened houses bordering Nail Can Hill, while spot fires got even closer to houses in neighbouring streets.

With temperatures tipped to hit the early 40s in the next few days, it is little wonder fire authorities are warning all home owners to be prepared.

Tuesday’s blaze was a timely reminder to make sure the backyard is free of flammable material, ahead of soaring temperatures.

While many people will retreat to the comfort of the swimming pool or the river, or even inside in the airconditioning over the next few days, there is another word of warning.

People should be on the lookout for unusual behaviour by those who may be responsible for lighting fires.

While the cause of both the Nail Can Hill and Eastern Hill fires is still to be confirmed, there is a possibility they were deliberately lit and police will be looking for information from the public.

The message in the days to come is to remain alert to both the fire danger facing your property, as well as to the possibility there may be those seeking to do cause damage.