Suburb chaos sparks anger

RESIDENTS at the western end of Norris Park and in the Hume Gardens Estate are both confused and angry.

The Albury-Wodonga Corporation developed the Hume Gardens Estate on the northern side of Union Road and most property owners regard themselves as Lavington residents.

But not so, according to the Albury Council and the geographical names board at Bathurst.

It had long been held that Union Road was the southern boundary of Lavington.

The suburb of Glenroy adjoined North Albury on the southern side of Union Road.

Now by some quirk or anomaly Glenroy extends over Union Road and sits alongside Norris Park.

David Kefford who lives in Emma Way says Union Road has always been the Lavington boundary.

“That’s how I always understood it,” Mr Kefford said yesterday.

“I am not happy about it. Glenroy is on the other side of Union Road.

“It is confusing. It is a nonsense.”

Mr Kefford said the Hume Gardens Estate was an extension of Norris Park and should be referred to as being in Lavington with a 2641 postcode.

“If we could change it, I would be part of it,” he said.

Dave Murray built a house in Union Road in the Hume Gardens Estate in 2006.

Mr Murray, a long-time Albury builder, said a contract of sale, solicitor’s letter and development plan all referred to the house being in Lavington.

“It is a postcode of 2641 which is Lavington. This is very confusing,” he said.

An Albury Council spokesman said the decision to classify the Hume Gardens Estate as Glenroy was made by the Geographical Names Board in Bathurst.

But a comment on the issue could not be obtained from the board yesterday.