Young foes lap up sun

YESTERDAY was one of those days where getting on and off the tennis court as fast as possible was paramount.

But it was no use telling that to under-14 juniors Jake Bowen from Albury and Japan’s Shota Onda.

The opponents played out a marathon three-setter that stretched for hours in near-40 degree heat.

In the end Jake, 12, emerged victorious 6-4, 6-7, 6-4.

He said watching Shota struggle on the other side of the net had given him heart.

“In between the second and third set was probably the hardest part,” Jake said.

“I was just keeping hydrated and I figured out the guy I was playing kept making mistakes so I did everything I could to keep the ball back in.

“I saw him get down on the ground a couple of times to take a breather so I could tell he was a bit tired.”

Wearing a hat and drinking plenty of water did the trick for Jake who had to play again later in the day.

The son of Border DJ Steve Bowen admitted he didn’t mind the heat and was used to it after playing in similar conditions earlier in his career.

“I played in Hume league section 4 on a 40-degree day about two years ago in Burrumbuttock,” Jake said.

“Today’s not quite as bad.”

Jake Bowen serves in searing heat yesterday.

Jake Bowen serves in searing heat yesterday.