Bushfires burn in Upper Murray


7.45pm update: CREWS  are still battling an out-of-control bush fire at Ournie, in the Upper Murray.

The fire, which has been alight since about 8.30pm Saturday, has burnt 550 hectares of bush land.

No properties or stock are currently under threat.

Fire officials are hopeful the blaze will be contained by tomorrow before strong winds hit the area on Tuesday.

Eight fire trucks are still battling the blaze.

For more information visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website.

3.15pm update: A half hectare bushfire in Pine Mountain at Corryong has been controlled.

A fire at Horse Creek, north of Jingellic is at "patrol" status with one tanker monitoring the fire.  A control line is in place and crews hope to have timber at this fire extinguished before tomorrow. 

A Peddles Hill fire northeast of Henty is contained and crews are mopping up this fire. Three tankers remain on scene at this fire which burnt approximately 30 hectares.

A Willow Park fire at Wymah is in heavily timbered country. Two chainsaw crews and a helicopter continue to work on containing this fire. Four tankers remain on scene.

Residents of Tintaldra, Pine Mountain and Walwa are advised to refer to the NSW RFS website for information. They are advised to check bushfire survival plans and check neighbours to see if they are monitoring conditions.

Aircraft have checked the Woomargama National Park, northern Victorian country, Jingellic area and Tumbarumba area for lightening strikes that may have gone undetected from storms yesterday evening.

No additional fires have been detected at this stage.

If people are experiencing any symptoms that may be due to smoke exposure, seek medical advice or phone Nurse on Call on 1300 606 024.

Listen to ABC local radio or local radio stations.

For more information phone the NSW bushfire information line on 1800 679 737. For life or property threatening emergencies call 000.

MORNING UPDATE: FIREFIGHTERS fear that lightning strikes will spark more fires later today.

Yesterday services on both sides of the Border battled a series of blazes, most created by the storm cells that brought thunder and lightning to the district in late afternoon.

Two planes are now in the air looking for previously undetected fires started by the lightning strikes.

Fire authorities are most concerned with areas around Granya and Talgarno and the alpine resort of Mount Hotham.

The CFA says the bulk of the lightning strikes were in those areas but there was also significant activity around Mount Buffalo through Running Creek and Yackandandah.

Three water bombing helicopters are now on standby at Corryong with more storm activity forecast this afternoon.

NSW rural fire service Insp Marg Whener said lightning strikes had caused at least five fires on Saturday afternoon.

“Crews have remained busy overnight with additional lightening strikes across the district,” she said.

“The fire at Horse Creek Rd north of Jingellic is contained and crews are monitoring the area as weather across the district worsens today.

“An additional fire was detected over night at Peddles Hill, the communications site north-east of Henty. 

“Six tankers with 15 personnel are in attendance at this fire. Heavy machinery has been utilised to contain this outbreak. A fire-line chainsaw crew is also on scene to assist.

“A fire has started in hilly bush terrain in the Wymah area overnight. 

“Four tankers with 12 personnel are assisting a water bombing helicopter in this location. 

“A chainsaw crew is also in attendance to attempt to contain this fire before the weather deteriorates.

“Aircraft surveillance of the area will be carried out later today in an effort to locate any further lightening strikes that remain undetected.

“Adjoining shires of Wagga, Tumut and Tumbarumba were also inundated with lightening strikes and fire calls overnight. Nine outbreaks across these areas continue to burn or are being monitored this morning.”

Police are also investigating the cause of a grass fire, near Chiltern, on Saturday afternoon.

About 30 hectares of farmland was burnt at the Tovey Road property, waterbombers preventing the fire spreading into nearby Mount Pilot National Park.

The CFA says there were no lightning strikes in the area.