Nude man's rampage terrifies elderly couple

A NAKED man terrorised a couple at the weekend as he tried to smash his way into their home after they barricaded themselves inside.

The man, 41, of no fixed address, used a brick and a statue from the couple’s Tarrawingee home to smash their back door, front door and windows about 7.30pm on Sunday.

“He’s tried to get access to the back bedroom and been seen by the woman, who rushed to tell her husband,” Leading Sen-Constable Halena Chandler, of Beechworth police, said.

The couple locked themselves inside as they waited for police.

When police arrived, the alleged offender had put on a pair of shorts and was trying to get in the back door.

The man, 67, and woman, 64, then ran out the front door towards the police and away from the man, whom they did not know.

“We had to try to get him (the elderly man) to run but he had a walking stick and stents in his heart,” Sen-Constable Chandler said.

An ambulance was called for the 67-year-old, who was suffering chest pains after the ordeal, but he was deemed fit at the scene.

“This sort of experience is not good for anyone, especially people with health ailments,” Sen-Constable Chandler said.

“They’re very traumatised.

“This morning they were very upset and feel unsafe in their own home which they’ve lived in for a long time.

“This morning they were nervous about opening the curtains to their house.

“It will be a long road to recovery for them.”

Sen-Constable Chandler said the intruder, who police allege was intoxicated, did not know the couple and the couple “definitely don’t know him”.

“(The alleged offender) made a rambling comment that the fellow was involved with his girlfriend, then he claimed his girlfriend dropped him off there,” she said.

“There was no merit to what he said.

“He’s just gone on a bit of a rampage.”

The couple have been offered counselling.

The intruder was charged with criminal damage and two counts of attempted aggravated burglary.

He will appear at Wangaratta Magistrates Court on February 25.