Urban divide: One home, two addresses

Adam Braybrook with his licence showing Glenroy and his wife’s showing Lavington.
Adam Braybrook with his licence showing Glenroy and his wife’s showing Lavington.

MAP: Click across the above image to see how far they really live from Lavington.

ADAM and Melanie Braybrook share a home in Billson Place but, according to their driving licences, they live in different suburbs.

The couple built a home in the Hume Gardens Estate at the western end of Norris Park several years ago.

But Mr Braybrook’s NSW licence says he lives in Glenroy while’s Melanie’s says she lives in Lavington.

It is absolute nonsense and just one of many anomalies with suburb boundaries and postcodes.

Mr Braybrook, 31, yesterday spoke about the farcical situation that resulted in problems when his younger daughter was sick and an ambulance had to be called.

He waited for 15 minutes with his daughter at the Billson Place home and could hear the ambulance.

“We could see the lights going in and around Norris Park,” he said.

Another phone call was made to find out what was happening and Mr Braybrook was told a second ambulance was on the way.

It arrived and took his daughter to hospital.

“In total, it would have taken 25 to 30 minutes before the ambulance got to the doorstep,” he said.

Mr Braybrook said he was unsure whether there was a problem with the GPS or perhaps an issue with the suburb and whether it was Lavington or Glenroy.

Another Billson Place resident, Ron McLachlan, last week told about a scare with his grandson, 2, and a delay in an ambulance arriving to provide treatment.

His grandson had had a fit and Mr McLachlan made an emergency call, giving his address and the suburb of Glenroy in accordance with council notices.

He was told no such place existed and finally the operator said his suburb was Lavington.

“The delay could have been critical,” Mr McLachlan said.

When changing his licence to his new address, Mr Braybrook went to the RTA.

His first choice when asked the suburb was Norris Park but when told that was incorrect, he tried Lavington.

When that did not show up either, he was told that he lived in Glenroy.

But when his wife received her most recent licence, it had Lavington as her home suburb.

“We live in the same house,” an exasperated Mr Braybrook said.

One issue is that Glenroy has two postcodes — 2640 and 2641.

The first relates to the long-established area at Glen Park and the old Hume Country Golf Club.

The other is for the Hume Gardens Estate at the western end of Norris Park.

Such a situation was queried with Albury Council and a spokeswoman replied: “Please note that Glenroy does have two postcodes (2640 and 2641), depending on the property location”.

Yet an Australia Post spokeswoman in Melbourne said no suburb could have two codes.