Assault after panel beater belted

ALBURY panel beater John Francis Mackey was twice assaulted before reacting at a Christmas party at the Kinross Woolshed on December 8.

When he did, he threw a glass and hit a man in the face, causing cuts that bled profusely.

Mackey, 30, of Electra Street, yesterday pleaded guilty to a charge of affray when he appeared in Albury Local Court.

The drama unfolded when Mackey attended the staff function with 20 others.

About 50 other people, made up of families and children were attending another staff function.

But when this group held a presentation about 4.30pm, members of Mackey’s group had continued to talk loudly and were asked to quieten down.

A member of the second group walked up behind Mackey, who was sitting, and poured a drink over his head.

Mackey was then hit on the back of the head before reacting.

Solicitor Mark Cronin, for Mackey, yesterday said: “It is hard to think of more provocative behaviour”.

Mr Cronin said Mackey’s judgement had been no doubt impaired by alcohol.

“He is genuinely remorseful for his behaviour,” Mr Cronin said.

“The throwing of the glass is a serious factor.”

Mr Cronin said Mackey should have left the matter to police and security staff to handle.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood said it appeared Mackey had been assaulted twice, reducing the level of his offending.

But she said his reaction with “alcohol-fuelled violence” took place in front of young children.

“That should cause you some shame,” Ms Greenwood said.

Mackey was put on a two-year bond with a condition to accept counselling for anger management and alcohol abuse.

Ms Greenwood also imposed an $1100 fine.