Council acts on Lavington-Glenroy confusion

THE Albury Council yesterday said it would act to clear up confusion over residents being told they live in both Glenroy and Lavington.

It promised to start the task of contacting such organisations as Australia Post, the Roads Transport Authority and energy companies to try to iron out the bugs and achieve consistency.

The council’s engineering director, Brad Ferris, said of major concern was the delay in emergency services responding to calls, caused by the postcode confusion.

“We will do what we can to clarify the situation for residents, especially when it comes purpose of emergency response,” he said.

That follows two instances of delays in ambulances responding to emergencies involving young children.

In both, ambulances had been called to Billson Place in the Hume Gardens Estate and there was confusion over whether the street was in the suburb of Lavington or Glenroy.

There is also postcode confusion, with Norris Park supposedly in Lavington, although a map shows it is within Glenroy’s boundary.

Another cause for concern is that Glenroy has two postcodes — 2640 and 2641.

“The council is aware of the confusion,” Mr Ferris said.

“It has been gazetted as Glenroy since 1994, but some residents are receiving documents from public and private companies stating otherwise.

“We’d like to see greater clarity and the issued resolved.

“The council will liaise with authorities and service providers to determine the issues and achieve some consistency.

“We’ll contact organisations such as Australia Post, the RTA and energy companies as soon as possible to seek some clarification.”

One Billson Place couple have NSW driving licences showing they live in different suburbs.

Adam Braybrook’s licence has him living at Glenroy, but the licence of his wife, Melanie, shows Lavington.

The national headquarters of Australia Post in Melbourne has said Glenroy’s postcode is 2640.

But an Albury council spokeswoman said Glenroy had two postcodes — 2640 and 2641.

The Australia Post spokeswoman said no suburb could have two postcodes.