Wodonga loses $5K sporting event

WODONGA and its unfinished aquatic centre WAVES will miss out on $5000 with confirmation this week the Ovens and Murray Swimming Championships have been moved to Yarrawonga.

The O & M District Swimming Association confirmed at its board meeting that the championships and two other meetings will be held elsewhere.

The association enacted its contingency plan last month after the opening of WAVES was delayed for a second time.

It means the proficiency trials scheduled at WAVES on February 2 will be held at Corowa and the Wodonga pennant on February 3 will be held at Yarrawonga.

The O&M championships will be held at Yarrawonga on February 9 and 10.

Ovens and Murray District Swimming Association vice-president Tap-Ky Duong said WAVES failure to open on schedule had cost the pool and the city.

“It’s hard to say how much would be generated by the O&M Championships because each swim meeting is different,” Duong said.

“But the figure would be at least $5000.

“The championships attract about 250 swimmers a day and, with parents, that’s about 500 people.

“That’s 500 lots of $3 entry fees a day and then you have to take into account people using the kiosk and buying fuel.”

Duong said the association hadn’t ruled out a test meeting at WAVES late in the season.

“It depends on whether it opens at all,” he said.