Shoplifter dodges prison

Elvia Beresi
Elvia Beresi

A THURGOONA woman with a history of stealing that extended back to 2006 has been given a 12-month suspended jail term on four shoplifting charges from last year.

Elvia Maria Beresi, 40, of Lindisfarne Court, was in Albury Local Court for sentence on the charges, including two offences committed at Myer in Albury on March 19 and 22 last year.

She was on police bail when she committed further offences at the Centro shopping centre on April 17 with items taken from Kmart and a nearby clothing shop.

Beresi took several items, including a pair of sunglasses which she put on her head, and left Kmart without paying.

A manager found empty product packaging, viewed closed circuit footage and contacted police.

It was later learnt she had stolen items valued at $267.93.

Beresi went to the clothing store, took 15 items from shelves and entered a change room.

Two children were seen to take more items from shelves and pass them under the door to her.

She came out of the change room carrying only three to five items, gave them to the store manager and left.

The manager checked the change room and found several price tags that had been removed from the stolen clothing.

The value of the stolen property amounted to $194.60.

When police phoned Beresi on April 19, she refused to participate in an identity line-up but two shop staff identified her from a police photo board among 20 images.

She declined to be interviewed after being arrested on May 24, but a tattoo on her left lower leg showed up on the closed circuit footage.

In 2006, Beresi was involved in the theft of a 51-centimetre television from a supermarket which led to her receiving an eight-month suspended jail sentence.

The TV was taken to the house of a drug supplier in Springdale Heights where it was exchanged for amphetamine.

But supermarket staff had managed to get the registration of the vehicle used in the theft.

When it was later stopped, Beresi had counterfeit $20 notes which she claimed were found.