P-plater blows .154 before Wodonga road trip

P-plater blows .154 before Wodonga road trip

A P-plater was caught with an alcohol reading of .154 as he set off on a 122-kilometre road trip.

Police said they saw the man, 23, drinking at a hotel in Corryong before he got in his car at 12.15am yesterday to drive to Wodonga.

The Tungamah man, who has had his licence for about 18 months, was pulled over by police on Hansen Street, 200 metres from the hotel.

After failing a breath test, he was taken to the Corryong police station where his licence was suspended after he returned a high-range breath analysis reading.

He was charged with high-range drink-driving and not displaying P-plates.

He will face court at Corryong in June.

Meanwhile, a woman who overfilled her vehicle caused a fuel spill at a Lavington service station on Friday night.

Someone had replaced the pump in the fuel tank of the woman’s car but did not use the correct gasket, so the vehicle was no longer able to indicate when the tank was full so that the bowser could turn itself off.

By the time the woman noticed the fuel spilling, there was about 10 litres on the ground.

Two fire trucks from Albury Central attended the Caltex service station, on Griffiths Road, to mop up the spill and decant about 20 litres of fuel from the car so the gasket could be replaced.