Grazing helps to cut fire threat

WITH fires everywhere, why do we continue to give into the Greens in regard to cattle, sheep, horses, buffalo, goats — whatever the “grazier” may have in the high country, national parks, on the sides of the roads and anywhere there may be a risk of fire.

Why do governments continue to ban a valuable, natural way of fire fuel reduction?

Do they honestly think that the tree frogs, lizards and native grasses are not destroyed by fire — what a death for any animal.

Cattle and brumbies have grazed the high country and national parks for years and I am sure that the native grasses that the cattle and horses stood on survived along with all the little creatures that live in the bush.

Why can’t even Nail Can Hill, be controlled with stock that are starving and in need of feed?

Why did our drovers have to be banished?

They cleaned up the roadsides of fire fuel along with any other areas covered in grass.

Councils should encourage drovers to clean up what councils continually neglect.

I could go on forever with the devastation left by fire and the mammoth loss to our communities, stock and wildlife.

When will someone say this is just ridiculous and wake up!