Don’t take risks in heat

IN yesterday’s cool it would have been easy to lose sight of the stifling hot days the Border will face before this summer is out.

We might not see another heatwave on the scale of what we have endured this year but everyone must still take care.

Another 40-degree day is expected later this week so people have to be responsible and take the right precautions.

And prevent devastating fires in our communities is not the only reason for such vigilance.

Twenty-seven people were treated for heat-related illnesses across NSW on Saturday.

One of the most notable cases could easily have had a tragic outcome.

In involved a two-year-old being left locked in a car in the Central Coast township of Buff Point.

Fortunately, paramedics reached the scene and removed the girl from the car before rising heat inside it left the girl seriously ill or even killed her.

The case serves as a stark warning of the care people need to take as the mercury rises.

If possible, don’t go out into the heat in the middle of the day.

And make sure you pay special attention to keeping young children, the elderly and the sick cool and hydrated.