Maddens’ deal started to stink

THE company responsible for getting the Madden brothers to Paddy’s Albury cancelled when the deal “started to stink”.

Armada Hospitality pulled the pin when it became apparent to it the US agency they were dealing with wasn’t living up to its end of the deal.

“The agent... was still adamant it was all going to be fine,” Armada director of operations Craig Shearer said yesterday.

“But we hadn’t heard anything about flights, hotel accommodation, any of the stuff that is standard when you book a gig like this.

“We left it to the last minute to cancel ourselves — the whole thing was starting to stink.”

Armada said it is tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket and is unsure whether it will be reimbursed.

“The agent contacted us late last week and said everything should be fixed before the end of the month,” Mr Shearer said.

“Whether that happens or not, we’ll just have to wait for now and see — fingers crossed.”

It’s not known why the US agent was unable to come through on the deal.

Former Roi Bar owner Rob Malone was Armada’s contact with the agent. Mr Shearer said the cancellation wasn’t Mr Malone’s fault, saying nothing like this had happened before.

A replacement gig for the Madden brothers has already been booked and will be announced next week.

Mr Shearer wouldn’t divulge any information other than the gig was an Australian brother duo, with the pair supported by a local.

Fans of punk rockers Benji and Joel took to social media to express their disappointment at the cancellation.

One fan, Lisette, tweeted she had cried herself to sleep.

“NOOOO!! Joel... Benji I cried myself to sleep when I heard ur not coming to Albury nx wk! Not a pretty sight for a grown woman!” She wrote.

Another fan tweeted she had booked flights from Sydney to Albury to see the twins.

“Madden Bros @ Albury cancelled??,” Kylieann tweeted.

“I bought plane tiks, and accommodation... So devo’d.”

Mr Shearer said he hadn’t given up on trying to book the Maddens.

Benji and Joel Madden’s agency wasn’t living up to its end of the deal, says Armada’s Craig Shearer.

Benji and Joel Madden’s agency wasn’t living up to its end of the deal, says Armada’s Craig Shearer.