Horrible death for puppies

Inspector Tony Moodie
Inspector Tony Moodie

THE sickening hanging of two beagle puppies in Lavington has been described as exceptionally cruel by police and a Border veterinarian.

Their owner found their bodies suspended from a metal rafter in his Danes Street garage yesterday afternoon.

The Beagles, aged about five months, had been strung up by their dog chains and collars.

A photo of the dogs was released by the owner but he was too distressed to talk about the incident.

The shift worker last saw his beloved pets alive about 1.30am when he returned from work. He found them dead at midday.

Albury RSPCA vice-president Arthur Frauenfelder said the method of killing the pups was “just a horrible way to die”.

“It would have lasted about four to six minutes but it could have been longer,” Dr Frauenfelder said.

“Gross cruelty like that is akin to the kangaroo killing we saw (in Wodonga), although it’s not as disfiguring, it’s just as bad in terms of suffering.”

Albury police said neither the owner nor nearby residents heard any cries or sounds from the garage.

Inspector Tony Moodie said police didn’t understand the motive behind the gruesome act.

He said he didn’t believe the dogs had been targeted because they were making noise or being a nuisance, as neighbours reported the puppies had been well behaved.

“Hopefully someone will mention something to someone and they’ll use their brain and contact police,” Insp Moodie said.

Dr Frauenfelder said the puppies would have probably welcomed their killer into the backyard before they were “utterly betrayed”.

He also implored anyone who knew anything about the crime to contact police.

“They must be brought to justice, they can’t do this sort of thing and get away with it,” he said.

Forensic police visited the scene and will examine collars taken from the dogs.

Insp Moodie said those found responsible would face animal cruelty charges.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.