Facebook bid to lure young girl

A WANGARATTA man with intellectual impairment will be on the Victorian sex offender register for 15 years after contacting a girl, 14, on Facebook suggesting she visit him.

Adrian Paul Dowdle was already on the register for attempted bestiality when he made repeated attempts to get the girl to go to Wangaratta with sexual inferences.

He was found out when the communications between them were seen by someone and reported to the girl’s mother, who contacted police.

Dowdle, 31, appeared in custody in the County Court at Wodonga yesterday for sentencing on a charge of using a carriage service to transmit an indecent communication to a person under 16 and two counts of failing to comply with the Sex Offender’s Act.

Judge Marilyn Harbison said specialist reports indicated Dowdle had limited capacity to understand the implications of restrictions put on him.

She said a forensic psychiatrist had described Dowdle as being moderately disabled.

Dowdle had been involved in the attempted bestiality of a dog some years ago.

“It was an act of idiocy, but it carries automatic registration as a sex offender,” she said.

“The act was videod by your brother and circulated to his friends.”

Dowdle was severely ostracized, suffers social isolation and the video is still circulating.

“It is clear from the plea that you urgently need supervision,” Judge Harbison said.

Dowdle was convicted in November 2007 for attempted bestiality and put on the sex register.

He was 29 when the Facebook communication was made with the girl in November 2010.

There was a further breach of sex register conditions when Dowdle was seen with a boy, 14, in January last year.

“There is no suggestion there was any inappropriate contact or talk,” Judge Harbison said.

She said the prosecution had conceded that a community corrections order was appropriate along with a justice plan.

Dowdle was convicted on the two charges of failing to comply with sex offender conditions, but no further action as taken.

He was put on a three-year community corrections order on the other charge and ordered to attend sex offender programs as directed.