Couple in a car are now three with a home

The Border Mail on November 24 last year.
The Border Mail on November 24 last year.

WHEN baby Angel-Rose grows up her parents might tell her about the time they had to live in their car.

But for now, the contented three-week-old yawns, wriggles and closes her eyes — such problems don’t worry her and hopefully never will.

Only two months ago her parents Jane, 18, and Paul, 46, (not their real names) were sleeping in their car at Mungabareena Reserve and Noreuil Park.

They made a plea for someone to give them a chance and the community responded with a mountain of generosity.

They now have an affordable rental in Glenroy and almost everything they need for their little girl.

They spent Christmas settling in to their new home, arranging their nursery and unpacking donations.

Jane said their dramatic change of fortune had taken a little while to sink in.

“The first time it really hit me was when we brought Angel home,” Jane said yesterday.

Jane gave birth on January 4, after a few false starts and after 35 hours of painful labour.

Back from hospital, the baby is flourishing.

She doesn’t cry much and has put on 400 grams.

Jane said she really is a little angel.

“She is just so content. I can’t believe how quiet and content she is and how aware she is,” she said.

“And I can’t believe how quiet she is compared to how much she used to kick me in the stomach.”

As the trio begin to forge a life together as a family, the couple say they just couldn’t comprehend what might have been.

Living in a car would have been impossible.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do it,” Jane said.