Teenage party ends in a riot

Broken glass in Skitch Street near the site of an out-of-control party. Picture: PETER MERKESTEYN
Broken glass in Skitch Street near the site of an out-of-control party. Picture: PETER MERKESTEYN

A BEER bottle was thrown at Wodonga police officers who tried to disperse up to 70 underage drinkers at an Australia Day party gone wrong in a street used to out-of-control parties.

Leading Sen-Constable Josh Hudson said police patrolled the joint 16th birthday and Australia Day party in Skitch Street several times on Saturday night and into the early hours of yesterday.

At 1.30am, beer bottles were being thrown and Sen-Constable Hudson said by 2am, up to 70 teenagers had spilled onto the street.

He said a bottle was thrown at a police van and glass sprayed into the open window, hitting a police officer.

The officer was not hurt and police were able to break up the party.

The party had been registered with police but there was no parental supervision at the time.

“They had good intentions in letting us know about it but the adult supervision was really lax,” Sen-Constable Hudson said.

“Drunk and underage, it doesn’t mix well.”

Sgt Wal Larkin said attacking police was not on.

“They don’t need drunken idiots throwing bottles at them,” he said. 

“Police are here to protect the community and they don’t need this kind of disrespect,” Sgt Larkin said.

Charges will be laid when police discover who threw the bottle.

Skitch Street residents have become accustomed to out-of-control parties and Saturday night’s revelry did not disturb them.

Two neighbours said the teenage boys who organised the party doorknocked the street to warn about the noise.

“It was really great music,” one said.

A woman said loud noise was expected.

“This is Skitch Street, one of the worst streets in Wodonga.”

Another neighbour said she was so used to loud noise she’s able to block it out and also didn’t hear the party.

A man, who lives a few doors down and has been a Skitch Street resident for 17 years, said other parties had been a lot worse.

“We actually heard nothing,” he said.

The mother of one of the teenage boys, who lives in the house hosting the party, said it was supervised the entire time but problems occurred when people began leaving and were on the street.

She did not want to give her name.

“We tried doing the right thing by registering it and doing the doorknock,” she said.