Beauty queen's Worldwind Perth tour

Miss World, Yu Wenxia, at the IGA Variety Scholarships Shine Light on 28 WA Children.
Miss World, Yu Wenxia, at the IGA Variety Scholarships Shine Light on 28 WA Children.

The reigning Miss World is visiting Perth for the first time as she takes part in a pair of children's charity events.

Yu Wenxia said she was stunned by how "beautiful" the city was and by how "nice" Perth people are.

"It's very beautiful, I'm happy and excited to be here," she said.

The Chinese-born beauty queen attended the 17th annual IGA Variety Scholarships on February 5, where $88,000 worth of funding was supplied to 28 recipients.

The annual scholarships are presented to sick, disadvantaged or special needs children and 2013 recipients included children who received funding for taxi fares to and from wheelchair basketball and tuition for classical ballet and singing.

The scholarships struck a chord close to home for Ms Yu, who began singing lessons at age eight and sings Chinese Opera.

With the world as her oyster, Miss World said she was too busy jet-setting to maintain a relationship.

"I don't have a boyfriend, this year I am very busy visiting many countries," she said.

After flying in to Perth on February 4, Ms Yu spent the day on the water and visiting a Subiaco jewellery store.

"Earlier today I made a visit to Linneys Jewellery store in town," she blogged.

"They are strong supporters of 'Variety, the Children's Charity' so I wanted to go and say hello.

"We also took a boat ride today, and got to see the beautiful skyline of Perth from the sea. It was magical."

Ms Yu will continue as the reigning Miss World until September, after which she hopes to return to her roots.

"Maybe I can continue studying music," she said.

"I want to be a music teacher."

On February 7 Ms Yu will also attend the Variety National Conference Awards dinner, where guests including Malcolm and Tonya McCusker will be recognised for their efforts in supporting the children's charity.

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