Police raids net fourth bikie

A DENILIQUIN bikie gang associate was interviewed for liquor licensing offences this week after raids in the town in December.

Police said the Outlaw Motorcycle Club associate, 52, was interviewed on Tuesday after “ongoing investigations” into the Deniliquin chapter.

The man was given a court attendance notice for April 16 for selling liquor without a licence at a Napier Street premises.

It comes after raids in Deniliquin in December.

The Deniliquin chapter president, sergeant-at-arms and the president’s partner were arrested.

President David Glen Downie, 42, his partner Nicole Lesley Gehan, 34, and sergeant-at-arms Dion Wayne Hearn, 36, appeared in Deniliquin Local Court in January.

Downie and Hearn were convicted of selling liquor without a licence and keep or use premises to sell liquor without a licence. The offences attracted fines of $500 each.

Gehan was convicted of permit premises used by other to sell liquor without a licence. She was given a good behaviour bond for six months.