North Albury man spits blood, threatens HIV

AN aggressive drunk who spat blood into the face of an Albury policeman and boasted about having HIV and hepatitis is likely to be jailed next month.

Fain Patrick Jones was struck four times to the knees with batons after refusing to comply with directions from four police trying to remove him from a North Albury house.

Yet he still resisted and spat blood at one officer’s face.

Jones was laughing as he kept spitting blood with some directed towards a second officer.

Police attempted to subdue him with a burst of capsicum spray.

“I will find you, watch out,” Jones told the arresting officers at the police station. He claimed he had HIV and hepatitis C and B.

The officer who was spat on went to Albury Base Hospital for treatment.

Jones appeared in Albury Local Court through a video link, a pre-sentence report was ordered and his sentencing deferred until March 5.

He has pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting police, two counts of intimidating police, offensive language and remaining on inclosed lands.

Jones, 39, formerly of Quamby House, has been in custody with bail refused since his arrest on December 4.

Two women officers went to a residence in Howe Place following a complaint about a drunk man refusing to leave.

Jones was slouched on a couch, was incoherent, had bloodshot eyes and was slurring his speech.

When an officer asked his name, he replied: “I am not your mate, dog.”

He was irrational, aggressive and, at one stage, formed his right hand to resemble a firearm.

“I can get a gun and shoot you,” he told the officers.

He made offensive remarks about the officers and they called other police to assist.

More police arrived, they took hold of Jones to escort him outside and he said: “Come on you dogs.”

Jones fell through a door to a grassed area with an officer holding him.

He refused to comply with directions and began kicking at one officer.

That was when he received the baton strikes and he responded by starting to spit blood.