I told you so, says Aker

JASON Akermanis says he isn’t expecting to get an apology from AFL boss Andrew Demetriou, despite this week’s drugs in sport bombshell.

Akermanis, pictured, told The Border Mail last week that drug use was “rampant” in sport at all levels, however, he had his credibility on the matter questioned by Demetriou just a day later.

And while his views were vindicated following the release of a damning Australian Crime Commission report on Thursday, the North Albury coach said he wasn’t expecting the AFL boss to say sorry.

Not that he wants him to.

“I don’t expect, or need, an apology from Andrew to know what I see and know what is around,” Akermanis said.

“The government and all the big bodies have come out and said all this stuff and people all of a sudden take notice and I say, well, I told you about this?

“What can you do?”

The outspoken Brownlow medallist said he got no satisfaction out of the damning report that contained revelations Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said would “disgust Australian sports fans”.

He said the AFL was only damaging itself by ignoring what he had to say.

“Eventually they’ve got to realise — why would I be saying this?” he said.

“It’s not for my benefit — it’s for their benefit and they just continue to not listen.

“So really, the problem is with them.”

The three-time premiership star admitted he was annoyed at the 

constant ridicule he received for giving his opinion.

“I’ve had my brand pretty much tarnished for three years,” Akermanis said.

“People saying ‘don’t listen to him — he doesn’t know what he’s talking about — what would Aker know?’.

“That’s the annoying part.”

Akermanis said the criticism had affected his employment opportunities since he left the AFL.

“All of sudden people don’t want to come hear you speak, or have you involved in their company,” he said.

“And that’s not right when you’ve been doing the right thing for all these years.”

The North Albury coach accused those involved with Thursday’s press conference in Canberra of scare tactics.

“What they’ve done now is tarred everyone who plays professional sport which is not right, either,” Akermanis said.

“A lot of guys are doing the right thing.

“That’s the silly part of it all.

“It’s all well and good to come out and beat your chest and say it’s the darkest day in sport but what a load of crap.

“You haven’t even told anyone who is doing anything.

“Nobody has been made accountable.

“It’s almost like a scare tactic.

“Show us what you have got.”

Jason Akermanis

Jason Akermanis