Mansion haunted – by police

Fairfield House: trespassers are looking for ghosts.
Fairfield House: trespassers are looking for ghosts.

THE spectre of trespass charges now hang over the heads of four thrillseekers after they were caught looking for a spectre of a different kind at a historic home near Rutherglen on Friday night.

Police say Fairfield House has become a regular haunt for those looking to be haunted.

Yesterday Leading Sen-Constable Phil Ryder issued a blunt warning to others — “you will be caught”.

Police say the 21-room, two-storey mansion on the Murray Valley Highway has become a late-night thrill for 20-somethings from the Border.

At the weekend police caught two men and two women from Albury aged between 18 and 21.

But the quartet let slip that friends had done the same thing just a week earlier.

Sen-Constable Ryder said police were well aware of ongoing issues and were now conducting regular patrols.

“On Friday we found a car parked on the road outside the home,” he said.

“Our warning is for other thrillseekers — and that is you are trespassing, you will be caught, and you will be charged.”

Sen-Constable Ryder said there had been reports of vandalism and break-ins at the mansion built in the late 1800s.

“That wasn’t the case on Friday night but there have been issues previously with goods going missing, lollies and wrappers found inside the house,” he said.

Fairfield Vineyard was established by George Morris in 1859.

In 1894 it was the largest vineyard in the southern hemisphere with 280 hectares under vines, storage a million gallons and 120 Chinese employees.

Fairfield House is a historic Italianate mansion built in 1889 and restored in 1975.