Closing boat ramp a mistake

THE closure of the boat ramp at Noreuil Park is another sign of Albury’s tourism going backwards.

Why are we closing boat ramps when places like Echuca and Yarrawonga are promoting the use of their lakes and river?

A huge amount of money goes into their towns, including motels and restaurants, from tourism-related water activities.

How many vacant motel beds do we have a night?

So the question is why close a very good boat ramp?

Hasn’t the new signage made a huge difference to boaters’ behaviour?

I think yes, the new four-knot signs are very clear, which was lacking before they were installed.

So why not enforce the laws instead of moving the problem to another ramp if there is such a problem.

Why not provide an alternative spot for swimmers and for the canoe users to get out of the river rather than them using the Noreuil Park boat ramp if we are concerned about their safety instead of rushing to shut this boat ramp to boat users.

Shouldn’t we as a town promote that we have a great river with good boat ramps and encourage people to use them safely instead of shutting them down and having nothing to attract tourism to our town?

— T. McPHEE,