ASADA to grill 150 players, staff

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority needs to interview around 150 players and staff from the codes central to its drugs probe, meaning the investigation will take months to complete.

With frustration already high due to the cloud hanging over many sports, the national anti-doping body - which has had its resources doubled by the federal government - has stated the scope of its task is “unprecedented”.

In a statement released early Thursday, ASADA described an investigation that is “both complex and wide-ranging”.

“ASADA anticipates interviewing about 150 players, support staff and administrators from two major sporting codes based on current information. The number of interviews may grow if the investigation uncovers new lines of inquiry," it said.

“ASADA is unable to talk publicly about its investigation and that includes speculating about, or naming clubs or individuals until such time as its legislation permits. This ensures the integrity of the investigation and the privacy of any individual under investigation is protected.”

ASADA praised Australian sporting codes for their “ongoing commitment” to co-operating with the investigation, though AFL and National Rugby League coaches and players have been publicly and privately critical in recent days of how the entire sporting community is tarnished by the Australian Crime Commission's report, while the guilty parties remain unidentified.