Paedophile ‘little hope of reform’

PAEDOPHILE Jayme Regulski will serve three years in the juvenile justice system, with a judge telling him he would never again avoid adult jail.

Judge Marilyn Harbison told Regulski, 20, in the County Court at Wodonga yesterday he was a clear danger to the community, and urgently needed treatment, although she had doubts about his ability to reform.

Regulski pleaded guilty to two Commonwealth counts of causing child pornography material to be sent to him over a carriage service and one Victorian count of possessing child pornography.

Regulski had begun to procure pictures of naked boys even while awaiting sentence by Ms Harbison on other sex charges in 2011.

He carried out the crimes from his Wodonga home against a boy, 14, in Queensland and a West Australian boy, who was soon to turn 11.

One Commonwealth charge related to incidents between August 14 and September 17, 2011, and the other between July 7 and August 26 last year.

The Queensland boy was lured by Regulski’s false Facebook profile in early 2011.

A stream of messages flowed between the pair before Regulski asked the boy for naked photos of himself.

Regulski did not hide his identity from the boy, 10, in Western Australia, who he met while playing games online.

He harassed the boy to send photos of himself in his underwear, and then naked, promising he would give him credits to play games online.

The offences took place while Regulski was awaiting sentence by Judge Harbison on other child sex matters from September and October, 2010.

“Eighteen months ago I sat here and you sat there in the dock,” she told him yesterday.

“You are very lucky you are of an age when this disposition in a juvenile facility is available to you.

“You will not be offered such a lenient disposition again.”

Judge Harbison urged him to engage in treatment and said any unsuitable behaviour in custody could result in him being sent to an adult jail.

“At a young age, you have a significant history of sexual offences,” she told him.

“There is no alternative for you but to change.”