Table manners gone to the dogs

I’M confused, are you?

A “rights” group is working to ban smoking at outside eateries, due to possible inhalation of tobacco smoke (passive smoking).

Another “rights” group has fought and has now won the fight to have your dog tied up at outside eateries with a bowl of water provided, which I’ve noticed has plenty of flotsam in it after multiple dogs have had a drink.

On visiting Beechworth, we sat at an outside table to eat our meal.

A women and her male partner sat beside us with their border collie tied to the table. The woman didn’t eat all her food so she placed her plate on the ground and let her dog eat from it and lick it clean. She then put it back on the table.

She and her partner then left.

It was then taken by the shop assistant, probably to the kitchen.

I wouldn’t eat out of my dog’s dish, no matter how well it was washed, would you?

Then, to compare passive smoking and dogs at your eating table, what if a fight breaks out between dogs and someone who doesn’t know better steps between fighting dogs? The danger of getting bitten and diseases which can be transmitted is clear. Who is liable? The owner or the council?

Seeing-eye dogs and other life assistance dogs excluded of course.

I love my dog, but he doesn’t share my eating procedures.