‘Bonus’ for drug sales

THE alleged mastermind of an Albury drug syndicate supplying significant quantities of ice had a quota and incentive scheme for his associates, a court heard yesterday.

The latest revelations were heard in Albury Local Court during a bail application for Clinton Heather, who has been charged with 20 offences over a syndicate allegedly run by Malcolm John Collins.

Police facts tendered to magistrate Tony Murray told how Operation Roder was a police investigation targeting the large scale supply of drugs.

It is alleged 10 to 15 people were taking part in supplying for Collins and police monitored 400 calls daily for three months.

The court was told Heather, 24, collected money for drugs and once he had sold his “quota” he arranged to get more ice from Collins.

In a phone call on August 6 last year, Heather told Collins he had to sell “two more” to reach his quota.

Collins told him he had a couple of “eight balls” which is 3.5 grams of the drug.

The following day Collins advised Heather that he wanted his money so he could “keep rolling”.

But three days later Collins told Heather of a reward coming his way.

“I’m giving you an extra point (of ice) tomorrow,” Collins allegedly said.

“I’m going back to my old system. Whoever sells the most through the week, gets a point for nothing.

“Guess what? You win the point. You get a free point.”

Heather accepted the offer and agreed to meet Collins.

Police raided Heather’s home in Union Road on October 10 and with assistance from a drug detection dog found 12.2 grams of ice which was allegedly intended for supplying.

Solicitor Mark Cronin made a bail application for Heather suggesting a residential rehabilitation at Wagga was in his best interests.

Heather was described as “a bottom end user, supplier”.

Mr Cronin said Heather would attend Peppers drug unit by 4pm yesterday if given bail to participate in a six-month program.

He would comply with urine analysis and drug testing with any breach being reported to police and the court.

It was suggested by Mr Cronin that a $10,000 surety could be provided.

Mr Murray granted bail but said they were “quite lenient conditions bearing the nature of the charges”.

The charges against Heather have been adjourned until April 22.